Camilla Malvestiti

Naturalist, photographer and tour leader
An international professional and photographer, Camilla was born in Italy but has spent most of her professional life in France, before moving to India.
Passionate and dynamic, when asked about her decision and motivation, she admits that the tiger called her.
Always interested in conservation and nature and with a strong penchant for the striped animal, she saw her first wild tiger while on her maiden trip to India in 2017. That moment changed her life.
Camilla has lived in Kanha Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh, working first on projects aimed at involving local communities in conservation, then as a naturalist and lodge manager.
More than 600 safaris later, having widely explored the main protected areas of the country, she decided to offer wildlife tours in the best tiger habitats of India.
Having lived in different countries and being fluent in several languages, she specializes in delivering the best wildlife and cultural experience to people from all over the world.
A wildlife photographer, she is always on the lookout for the perfect picture and enjoys sharing her knowledge and technique with her guests.
Camilla has previously been the founder and head chef of one of the first vegan activities in Paris, France.

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